Delta P Design BREVIS 5.56 Compact (All NFA Rules Apply)


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The BREVIS 5.56 compact suppressor is a subcompact suppressor designed for the 5.56x45mm cartridge. The BREVIS 5.56 compact suppressor’s immediate defining features are its extremely compact overall length of 3.8 inches (95 mm), and its light weight of less than 16 ounces (1lb). The suppressor weighs approximately the same as a loaded 20 round AR-15 magazine while still retaining durable welded stainless steel and hardened inconel construction.  This compact length translates to an added length of just under 3.25 inches (82 mm) for most rifles! The BREVIS 5.56 compact suppressor delivers sound and flash suppression on par with larger suppressors. With the AR57 upper, or with the addition of the available P90 adapter, the Brevis 5.56 Compact suppressor gives outstanding performance with the FN 5.7 round. Dust, flash suppression, and recoil are significantly reduced with an added length similar to adding an additional A2 flash hider. The internal geometry of the BREVIS minimizes back pressure relative to its size, complementing its use on auto loading rifles as well as FN P90 submachine gun. With its symetric internal geometry and accuracy potential, it proves an excellent match to the SPR rifles in 5.56×45 including the MK12-MOD1 and clones.  Physical Data: Overall length:         3.8 in  (9.7 cm) Weight:                   16 oz. (454 g) Diameter:                2.0 in. (50 mm) Mounting thread:     1/2-28 UNEF RH 3B Wrench flats:          19 mm (3/4″) Materials:                Select stainless and inconel alloys

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